Apr 15, 2009

26 (I think) and counting----

Meeting with brother Brent was timed well, quite well, two days before my 26th birthday in fact. Its always nice to have some family around that time of year... As he put it- "birthday´s don´t need to be some huge event, just memorable", this was one I will not forget...

We spent the day basking on the beach outside of Rodeo on a beautiful lake surrounded by landscape resembling the badlands of the Dakotas. We ate a family sized asado, swam, read, and reminisced about our adventures on our South American tour .

Nighttime came and an ad-lib birthday bash took place in a campground in the town of Rodeo. I set up camp, and Brent scooted off for some undercover preperations. He returned and we were joined by three French mochileros (backpackers) and Prince Charles (a greyhound looking dog that adopted us for the night.) Dinner that night was light due to some stomach aches from the huge meal that afternoon, so cake was the main course for the night. It (the cake) was an average pastry, but the toppings were well, different (and memorable), complete with steel ball bearings and fireworks! A chorus of "CumpleaƱos" echoed accrossed the campground and complete with wine, cake and presents, the festivity continued into the night...Indeed a very happy 26th...Thanks Bro.


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  2. You amaze me Soren! So thankful that God parachuted you into my life when He did! Look forward to the journey ahead...peace, love and light! Muah!