Apr 25, 2009

Mendoza and the Archers

The road approaching Mendoza was tough...Well not so much for me, but for Bro. Included in the 100Km+ stretch ly a good sized pass, and terrrible road conditions (resembling those of Southern Ecuador or Northern Peru). As I said, this is no longer a problem for me, but for Brent riding on cracked rims (!), it was a tough stretch. I once again provided the "mule" for some of the heavier equipment hopefully preventing a rim blowout, and we rolled into town safely around sunset.

Awaiting our tardy/smelly arrival in Mendoza were some friends I had met one for one short moment at our church (FUMC) in Rapid City a year or so earleir. The Archers (Vince, Ruth, & Isaac) have an inspiring story of how they´ve come to be where they are are do and what they do. No doubt God works wonders in each of our lives, but they are a family who´ve nurtured these blessings to further His ministry and love around the world, and most recently in Mendoza. (more on this in future posts)

So, stinky(me) and tired(B) we throttled/pedded up to the door and were greeted by Vince and fam with bright smiles and friendly hugs. They had arranged a beautiful place for us to stay in an old country "castle" looking house turned hostle B & B as urbanization spread over the years. Showered and jived up on coca (cola) we returned to the Archer residence for excellent eats and superior conversation. The next couple of days we were adopted by this great family enjoying the presence of such family(er) people (having similar ties to the Dakotas.) Vince being our personal tour guide of the city, we also were able to handle a few items of impotance- including new shoes for Bro, new rim-also for B, and a new smell (laundry) for the both of us... Vince, as it turns out, was also the missing link in the fly fishing chain of thought I had started to construct a couple weeks earlier. He contacted a good friend of his (Pablo-maestro of flyfishing), and they set me up with all the neccesary equipment to get started...I should mention that Pablo hooked me up with gear (including his hand tied flies) for an incredibly good price, as well as providing a map and beta for some of his favorite rivers, streams, and lakes in the Patagonia region. !Muchisimo gracias hombres¡
Vince and I practiced my flycasting in a mall parking lot the next day, and with a few more tips I was off for Patagonia with a huge grin on my face and only one minor stop along the way....Finca Altimira.

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