May 7, 2009

Corazon del Pescadores

The heart of flyfishing here in Patagonia is said to be located in San Junin de los Andes. The rivers and lakes in the surrounding area are remarkable, and even now seem to buzzing with fisherman waiting to hook the one that got away from everyone else this year. I was happy to join them in their hunt.

Malleo and Chimihuen proved some of the best rivers I have fished yet.. Still no monsters, but the trout are getting bigger, and I am getting better. I have faced a few struggles, but none too big to overcome with a little perseverance and determination. There have been times it is too cold for me to wade in up to my waist without those nifty waiters everyone seems to be sporting (keeping me on the sidelines), but it doesn't deter me from getting in at least up to the knees. There also have been times when the wind has picked up (dictating what way my line is cast) and after a few tangles, I have been forced to learn to cast (somewhat roughly) lefthanded (no bites yet, but they´ll come.) By far the biggest struggle I face is trying to choose where to pull over and rig the rod for a few casts... These rivers and lakes are loaded with beautiful sections one can only presume are stuffed with trout, and if not, the experience and scenery alone are well worth the stop.

My three day tour of the area had left me at the end of the road and at the base of Volcano Lanin searching out campsites on Lago Huechulafquen. The gravel road twisting its way up and down and around the shores of the lake is lined with gigantic pines and laden with covert little hideaways to camp or fire up the parilla. A gorgeous lake, with the impressionable Volcan Lanin keeping watch from just a few kilometers away. A breathtaking ride, and once again, the quiet prevails on the north end of the lake where I decide to take refuge on the shores for a few days and let the solitude of this splendor speak its wispers into open ears ....

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