May 4, 2009

A Day In The Life

I am re-packing the dry gear after a damp evening when a slight breeze kicks up just enough to boost a couple of small golden leaves from their summer homes, and sends them sailing down to find their place amongst the sparingly strewn Quilmes bottlecaps of previous campers. Not a soul within miles...An autumn Patagonian paradise all to myself. The campgrounds are vacant, the fishing holes deserted, and the road empty..The smile is nearly permanent now, it has not left my face for quite some time..I am re-convinced daily that there is such thing as "Heaven on Earth", and it´s called Patagonia.

A quick lunch on the parilla, and it´s down to the crystal clear creek sporting a rigged rod, fishing vest, and a pair of sandals... nothing else neccesary. I slowly stroll up the calm little stream, tanning my snow white buns, exalting in the solitude of this area, thanking God with every step for the flawless beauty that surrounds me.... and for the weee little fish I am able to land. : )

As evening approaches, I saddle up and hit the gravel. Meandering my way through groves of poplars ablaze with yellow brilliance in the last minutes of southern sunlight, around river banks reflecting the luminous landscape in vivid mimicry, doubling the magnificence so abundantly arranged all around me. I am nature drunk and loving it.

I land at a campground and effortlessly build my temporary house/semi-permanent home for about the hundredth time this year, gather some timber for the fire, and sip on the sweet stream water re-living the days memories . The asado is cooking,and it smells of campfire and Argentinian beef. I am watching the full moon rise over the illuminated golden leaves lining the river bank, the traquil sound of Rio Alumine fills whatever void there is inside me and I am happy. Tonight I cant wait to fall asleep, as tomorrow will be another day to enjoy it all over again! : )

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